Sunday, July 29, 2007

A belated tribute to my love, Jennifer

I can't imagine another woman - or another person - I could do this with. Jennifer has busted her ass on this house, and after a long day of sweating and tearing down crap on the most humid day of the year, she would not take my offer to go to a hotel so we could sleep with real walls around us. "I like our house," she said to me. I consider myself very lucky. How many of you have a partner that will endure this?

She has suffered nicks, cuts, burns, heat exhaustion, voluminous sweating, dust, muscle aches, setbacks, disappointments, and all manner of general discomfort - without a complaint - and she still gets up on Monay morning and looks damn good for the business world.
I love her more with every little thing we do here.

(This is a picture of her on her cell phone at Cracker Barrel the hour before I went to the closing and she went to pick up Laura at the airport.)

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jro67 said...

While I am sure that I am much deserved of such adoration, those who know me might be wondering who Paul is living with and what he did with the Jennifer that they know.
I am sure that there have been times when I have not been as perfect as described, but it is safe to say that they have been few and far between, but the reason for such patience has nothing to do with me. I happen to be reacting to my true love's patience, warmth, humility, and understanding. His hard work and dedication to fixing the house is apparent in everything he does. He stays awake at night trying to make a house with no walls feel more like a home, and he succeeds by little touches like spice racks and shelves.
Paul weathers, and yes, embraces my ideas with honesty, exploring every option before having to say the dreaded word "no". We inspire each other, and when one of us feels that a day at the beach is our best bet, we end up chasing carpenter ants with chemicals.
What can I say? I am living my dream with the man of my dreams.