Friday, February 20, 2009

Times Square

View from room 2017, Marriott Marquis.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mt. Beacon A Different Way

My friends Mark and Dave asked if I would go hiking with them. We had Finn with us. Though it was rather icy on the trails, we all got up with a minimum of trouble.

Jennifer Went To Europe, Not Paul

She wrote the posts about Europe, and took the pictures.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's a Small World After All

A friend mentioned that foreign languages and traditions were intimidating, but I think my travels make me understand the opposite, especially...
  • Everything sounds better in French
  • Bad cell phone habits are world wide
  • Trains are the most humane of all travel, air the worst
  • The French and Italians say hello. A habit Americans should think about trying
  • "Yes We Can" has inspired the world
  • Foreigners know more about our politics that we do
  • Good food is the international language
  • No matter where you are or the beautiful sights you see, if you aren't with the person you love with all your heart, then you really aren't anywhere

The Final Stop

My trip to Milan started off wet and ended that way as well. Despite the rain, I was able to explore the part of town closest to the hotel, the famous Duomo, a gothic church and the shopping area surrounding it.

A Day in Venice

There simply are no books, movies or pictures that do Venice justice. It is one of those places that seems as old as time itself, and I guess it really is. There must have been a certain madness that created a city consisting of a labrinth of paths and passageways with the only true method of transportation boats and gondolas. But a city it is, and I was completely dazzled by the history, beauty and life. Every building, wall, doorway...I was dazzled by it all and my time there was way too short to see it all but long enough to make me want to return.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

I woke up in Paris and am falling asleep in Venice. Not bad for a day's work! It was, however, a bit harrowing getting here.
First, I took a bus to the airport at 5:30 in the morning. That was okay except I did one of those things where I woke up cause I had a dream that I didn't wake up so then I stayed up...
I got to the airport to find out that they had built a new terminal and I had to take another bus to get there. I was still on time and managed a quick cup of tea before we boarded. We were then informed that due to weather we would not be going to Florence, we would be going to Pisa. Sooooooooooooooooooo, off to Pisa and then another busride to Florence.

This was almost a picture of the leaning tower. I saw it, but couldn't snap it fast enough. Plus I was on the wrong side of the bus...

Florence was way too fast, but I did manage to meet everyone at the headquarters and have a delicious lunch at The Michelangelo before getting on a train to Venice.

Hey. I made it! This is the view from my window (at night). More to follow tomorrow.

Culture Shock

Yes, that's Dick Van Dyke and that is Diagnosis Murder. I guess that isn't so bad, I'm sure France has geriatrics that enjoy his clever sleuthing. But Full House? REALLY?????

I'm here because...

I should mention that I am in all these amazing places because my hotel company had a sales meeting and wanted me to see some of our "signature properties" for cross selling purposes. This is the gang that attended the meeting. Seated is Ms. Elizabetta Fabri and her husband. Ms. Fabri is in charge of the whole ball of wax known as Starhotels.

It was Ms. Fabri's birthday on Tuesday and she was surprised by a special cake from the chef.

This is Dorella Lazzarotto, the woman behind the sales conference and the driving force for me attending the meeting.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can't stop me now

See how good I even got a picture of me taking a picture of me. Yes, that's fur on my lip...look at the damn Eiffel Tower. I found the Jardin Des Tuileries...a giant park off of the Rue de Rivioli

This is the Rue de Rivioli...its really amazing, I learned that Paris was relatively untouched in WWII.

I'm being artistic...

I'm a tourist...sort of

You all know that I have several small, tiny even, idiosyncracies. One of those is that I hate taking pictures by myself in public. I also knew that if I didn't get out and see some sights while in Paris...there would be hell to pay. So look! I took pics!

These shots are from Place Charles De Galle - even the sign says so. I took the Metro earlier to an appointment in an office area which was tres confusing call La Defence. I even walked by IBM! Afterwards I had escargots and coquille St. Jacques. My list is complete!

Ladies and Gentlemen - The Arc de Triomphe!

The obelisk and the Eiffel tower

Parisian Snow

This is a view from my hotel room yesterday morning during the "snow storm". Hey, Laura, it was a level 4 emergency! Airports closed, people couldn't get to work...Disasta!

Yes, they are a little shaky...what do you want from me? I had three hours sleep cause I was WATCHING THE STEELERS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!!! SHOUT OUT TO SANTONIO HOLMES - OSU GRAD AND MVP! Seriously, do you know how difficult it was to watch with french commentary? Thank you Paul and Cara for keeping me company through i.m.

An American in Paris

No, I couldn't think of a more original title. I (Jennifer) didn't want to clog up all your inboxes with pics, so I thought this would be a nice way of letting everyone know how my little business trip abroad is going.

The Hotel Castille is wonderful. It was once three separate buildings, with a hotel in the center. Now those buildings have been merged to create one hotel. Very cool. This is the view from my room.