Monday, June 28, 2010


I can't get just the glass for the door, no; I have to replace the whole door. That's going to set me out $150. Grrrr.

If anyone has a theory as to how the glass could have broken (I know there ain't much to go on here), holler.

The observations made before the problem are that
  1. I used hot wash/cold rinse cycle, which I rarely do
  2. I loaded a few towels (not a full load, just three or four bath towels)
  3. Jennifer heard the washer being unstable, which concerned her enough to start walking to the basement, but she stopped when she heard it settle
  4. Judging by the fact that there was no water or soap on the floor, and that the cycle appeared to have completed, I think the glass broke toward the end of the whole cycle (final spin).
I wonder if the machine itself has become very unstable, or something to do with the load made it so, temporarily. If it rocked enough, would that shatter the glass? Could temperature fluctuation have done it?

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I went downstairs to check on the laundry and found out the circular glass door had shattered. How the hell did this happen? All that anyone heard was the washer going a little out of balance, and then it stopped. I don't know how it could have got out of balance (I was only washing a few towels), nor if that is the cause of the shattering or a result of it.

Time to order parts. Let's hope they make them in plastic.

Finn's Window, Again

Finished extending Finn's octagonal window, painted it, and trimmed it.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Minor Things

PVC is Lego for adults. Here's a new perch for the bird.

Two shelves for Finn's closet.

I extended the sides of Finn's octagonal window. It did not come all the way through the rough opening (A) so I added 4 1/2" wide, 1" thick boards to bring it flush with the wall. Eventually I will border it with some nice trim.

I thought it would be a major hassle to do this, but I only have to cut 45 degree bevels and nail the boards to the rough opening.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Almost As Much Fun As Watching Paint Dry watching me put up some shelves.

Our neighbor Jerry is moving soon and getting rid of stuff. He gave us a nice set of handmade dishes. We got some shelves at Lowes to put them on. They look rather pretty just sitting there.