Monday, July 23, 2012

Ceiling Work

Upstairs. In the summer. Hot!

This first photo is of our upstairs hallway ceiling, taken from the stairwell with a wide-angle lens (just got my camera back from the shop). Awhile ago I straightened out the hole to the attic. Time to finish the ceiling and move on.

First, I get rid of the ratty gaps around the attic entrance. Notice I removed the decorative glass shade from the lamp. Going to be swinging a lot of crap around soon.

Now I have put a "riser" of a sort around the frame of the attic entrance. That will make it nice looking in addition to giving me a place to fasten the trim later - it had to give enough of a rise to accommodate the furring and Armstrong ceiling planks we're going to install.

First three furring strips installed. Time for dinner. More later...