Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Parade Video

Halloween Parade

Jennifer and Finn wait for the parade to start. The Beacon Creamery, an ice cream stand, renamed themselves The Beacon Screamery for the event and ran a haunted house. One of the more more interesting costumes.

A lot of kids got scared when they saw this guy cross the street.

This is the dog that is always in The Beacon Creamery.
More of the puppet-like costumes (they are puppets that you get inside, I wonder if there is a special word for them - the head and arms are extensions of the operator's).
FINALLY, underway!

View of the mountains from Main Street.

Taping, Spackling

Covering sheetrock screws in Cara's room.

Finn looks on.
Finn helps.
Jennifer's taping job.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yardwork And Planting Peonies

Using Scott's to winterize the lawn.

Creating a flowerbed.
This shot is for Michael and Laura.
My grandmother is now in a nursing home. My mother gave us some of her peonies - they are probably 50 yrs. old. Here we are planting some.

Something we've always wanted.

Monday, October 15, 2007

So's Your Face (Tribute to Cara)

Some time ago I posted a tribute to Jennifer. She still is my number one, and I hers, and I commend her for being such a trouper through all of this.

But I must also mention Cara, our daughter, who also tolerated a lack of walls, dust, noise, disruption, and a move away from her friends.

Cara is a sweet young lady who would do anything for a friend. She loves her little brother and he adores her. And I am grateful for and proud of her.

Cara is off learning the ways of the world and the trade of broadcasting at a college in Pittsburgh. We miss her, but I bet she enjoys having four walls and a ceiling in her dorm.

. Cara and her longtime feline, Fifi.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dinner By Beto

Our neighbor Jerry (left) invited his friend Beto (right) to Beacon today. He cooked a delicious dinner, to which Jennifer added her chili. It was a nice break.

The Joy Of Ceilings

Cody help puts up the third sheet of the day. Hey, Chef, here is another desktop picture for you. My Skil Poster Girl fastening our ceiling.
Justin putting insulation in Finn's room.
Jennifer, Cody, and Justin.
Christopher looks on. He humped 19 sheets of drywall up the stairs.
Hey, Chef, here's another shot for ya! Envious yet?

Preparing For Ceilings

Ceiling insulation is just about all in.
Rafter baffles are in.
This is a woman who is really freaking pissed off at Home Depot in Wappinger Falls.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Down Time

We had enough work on Saturday, so Sunday (yesterday) we were lazy.

Here is Finn playing Noggin games on Jennifer's computer.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sunset Over Newburgh

More Walls

My lovely partner in walls.
Finn helps cleaning up.
Lola, too.
More bedroom.