Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Frills On the Porch

It's temporary - the floorboards are rotting, and in about two summers we will have to tear down and rebuild. For now, I wanted the front of the house to look nice.

Something I Did Not Know About Paint

The clerk at the paint counter at HD recommended we use dark primer (tinted grey) for the areas we are going to paint with dark, bold colors - like Finn's room.

Jennifer consulted with Finn and learned that he wanted red and green in his room. Afraid of that looking like Christmas, she persuaded him to use other colors, too. These thumbnails show what we are thinking of for how the colors will layout. Well, they are how I am thinking of it. I haven't reviewed this with anyone yet.

"Daddy, I Want To Be R2D2 For Halloween"

How many people get to dress their kids in a trash can?I am waiting for the glue that holds the legs to dry. I used a Rubbermaid trash can, spray paint, masking tape, styrofoam insulation, foil tape, and construction adhesive. I got 24 hours to see how this will fit and wear.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hudson Valley

A - marks where our house is, roughly.
B - marks the Mid-Hudson Bridge, approximately where I get off the train in Poughkeepsie.
C - marks approximately where I work
D - marks approximately where the Beacon train station is.

Mt. Beacon Hike

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Who the Fuck Cut a Hole In My Floor?

I did - have to put back all that crap I tore out when I closed the hole in the floor. It's starting to get cold. So, I tore off the old plenum, rebuilt it, and ran two new pipes to heat the dining room and the living room separately. Also had to rewire the cutoff switches (there are two) because one ran through the joist I removed so I cut it over the summer.

Before that, Jennifer and I put a closet in Finn's room.