Monday, November 26, 2007

Time Out For Santa

We went to Macy's, Herald Square, to see Santa. Finn was overjoyed, and perhaps a little stunned. The process was not as painful as you might guess, and the whole experience was very good. The staff were enthusiastic and polite, and Santa was, of course, the best.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Special Touch Between Cara And Finn's Room

Framing out the spaces to place glass block in the wall between Cara's hallway and Finn's room. Viewed from Finn's room. Glass blocks are framed and staged.
Cutting the pine frames for the glass block.
Glass block in place, viewed from Cara's room with the light coming from Finn's room
All in place, and sheetrock up in Finn's room.
View from Cara's hallway.

Homecoming And Thanksgiving

Finn and Cara were thrilled to see each other again. Finn atop insulation rolls.
Thanksgiving Day. That's Jerry, our neighbor, on the right.
On the left is Jerry's friend Tony.
Cara, embarrassed by her boyfriend.

Monday, November 19, 2007

More Pictures of Beacon

Beacon Harbor on a cold day. The Mid Hudson Bridge seen from Poughkeepsie Train Station. Hard to get in focus with so little light. Now you know what a .20 BAC feels like...
The last two moored vessels in Beacon Harbor.

Where We Were Those Other Weekends

We saw "Zappa Plays Zappa" one weekend. Ken visited. Here he is, as Jennifer's Scullery Maid.

It's Been Awhile

Jennifer securing dryway. No, the house is not tilted. Cara's door is framed. Mostly.
We had to pull this window out, completely, and reframe it. It, and several others, was held in by just two screws, and very weakly at that. When it came time to remove the wall and trim around it, it weakened the frame around it. That was the existing box for the double-sash windows, and it did not hold very well. Now it is sealed snug as a bug.
Supplies. Notice that the LR is insulated now.
Getting furring and insulation on the wall next to the stairs.We were lucky that the trim (now laying on the steps) was not nailed to the stringer. Removing it and the existing plaster walls gave us just enough space to slip the 1x3 in. At some point we will have to shorten the width of the treads, one at a time, and probably move the stringer.