Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Been Awhile

Jennifer securing dryway. No, the house is not tilted. Cara's door is framed. Mostly.
We had to pull this window out, completely, and reframe it. It, and several others, was held in by just two screws, and very weakly at that. When it came time to remove the wall and trim around it, it weakened the frame around it. That was the existing box for the double-sash windows, and it did not hold very well. Now it is sealed snug as a bug.
Supplies. Notice that the LR is insulated now.
Getting furring and insulation on the wall next to the stairs.We were lucky that the trim (now laying on the steps) was not nailed to the stringer. Removing it and the existing plaster walls gave us just enough space to slip the 1x3 in. At some point we will have to shorten the width of the treads, one at a time, and probably move the stringer.

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