Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yes, it's been awhile.

We've stalled. Too much other stuff going on. Jennifer is trying to open a whole new hotel (two, actually), and I got whatever it is that keeps me employed to worry about.

I did finish the back porch. I sealed the door in nicely, then put up some weatherproofing in various unfinished windows to prepare us for the cold. The garden is dead and down, the pergola is just an empty frame and the furniture is all put away.

I also re-seated one more window in my bedroom and man does it make a difference. I hear that leaks are the most common and most egregious heat loss problem. Just plug up the holes first, or the insulation will do nothing for you.

We'd like to get working on the upstairs hallway and finish Finn's room before Christmas but I don't see that happening. Money and time are too tight at the moment.

The original building permit expires again in June. I'll have to see about what it takes to close that or extend it again.

Throw money.