Monday, October 15, 2007

So's Your Face (Tribute to Cara)

Some time ago I posted a tribute to Jennifer. She still is my number one, and I hers, and I commend her for being such a trouper through all of this.

But I must also mention Cara, our daughter, who also tolerated a lack of walls, dust, noise, disruption, and a move away from her friends.

Cara is a sweet young lady who would do anything for a friend. She loves her little brother and he adores her. And I am grateful for and proud of her.

Cara is off learning the ways of the world and the trade of broadcasting at a college in Pittsburgh. We miss her, but I bet she enjoys having four walls and a ceiling in her dorm.

. Cara and her longtime feline, Fifi.

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cara said...

omg i love the tribute but these pictures are scary and scary, and SCARY!