Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Day in Venice

There simply are no books, movies or pictures that do Venice justice. It is one of those places that seems as old as time itself, and I guess it really is. There must have been a certain madness that created a city consisting of a labrinth of paths and passageways with the only true method of transportation boats and gondolas. But a city it is, and I was completely dazzled by the history, beauty and life. Every building, wall, doorway...I was dazzled by it all and my time there was way too short to see it all but long enough to make me want to return.


Coughlin said...

I really admire you, Jennifer. I think it's great that you have a career that allows you to see the world. You make me wish I wasn't a xenophobe. Travel safely.

Paul said...

Thanks Chris, I'm pretty lucky that the people i work for view travel as a necessity. Of course, I wouldn't recommend my last two weeks of travel schedule to any sane person, but I am still grateful nonetheless. As far as your own fears...once you travel you will find that each country is basically the same...see the next post.