Friday, July 27, 2007

Still slowed down, but not stopped.

Jennifer took a trip last weekend for a few days, and we decided last weekend was more for fun. We did some serious shopping. Finn got a new bike and a slip-and-slide which he and the neighborhood kids employed to much enjoyment.

Even Cara and I took a running jump on it. You will not see pictures of that, for my camera has since broken and is in need of repair or replacement.

Jennifer has learned how to use the string trimmer with much skill already, I made two shelves for the garage to get things off the damp floor and make room for other things, fixed a loose faucet by making my own lock washer and a new bolt to hold the handle, put up a shelf in the pantry, and kept myself out of trouble.

Now we are discussing what steps to take next. We still have found only one electrician who came to give an estimate. We'd like a few more to see what our options are because $5500 is a lot of money.

Then we got some serious framework to do.

Jennifer is contemplating putting in a brick patio in the interim - she's gonna figure that one out.

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Jen & Bernard said...

Wow. Bernard & I just looked at most of the posts, going back to the pictures of the house before you bought it. We're filled with admiration for all the hard work you've taken on, & look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor soon, whether finished or not. Let us know if you can use a hand with the barn raising.