Monday, July 16, 2007

Stuff we found in the walls / Electricity

Here are some pictures of the things we have found in the walls.

I don't know what the rusty tool is, but it appears to be from around the time before Beacon was incorporated from the villages of Fishkill Landing and Matteawan. '
The back of the postcard has a canned message, "I have just arrived safely and am now reporting for duty. Shall write you a little later." The date is also part of the form - just "July _____ ." It's from Culver Summer Schools in Culver, Indiana. It was never filled in or mailed.
Cabaret Voltage
I spent my time after work today removing more nails from the walls and finding out what wires we shorted during the demolition. The electrical situation is getting scarier. We did not bother to remove the chandelier in the dining room as we tore out the ceiling, and as I wielded a crowbar around it, I thought maybe I was playing some deadly game of pinata. A few outlet boxes also suffered - since they are metal the hot wire shorted on them and threw the breaker. It was interesting to see that the sparks in the air cleared the dust in the immediate area rather quickly. I guess those air ionizers work.
There are a few receptacles and lights in the back of the house that I cannot figure out yet. I don't know what breaker they are on and why they don't work - yet.

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