Monday, July 9, 2007

Beacon harbor in the hazy morning. That's Newburgh across the river. Hey, Tony, sail up here some time! Laura, we planted our garden, finally.

The new faucet is finally installed (Moen). I chucked the $15 Peerless, and fixed the sink with four clips in the rear.

The Bob Goddard who installed the sink put no trap in, and the tail from the left-hand sink went straight to the waste pipe. So, whenever the toilet flushed you could hear a gurgle in the kitchen, and the room smelled like sewer gas. This trap looks like hell but it works. The copper behind it is similarly ugly but it don't leak.

Bob's truck. It served us well during the move and for fetching many supplies and lumber. Thanks, Bob, Becky, Will. (sorry, Sam...)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice harbor - I just may try it.