Saturday, July 7, 2007

We decided to punch out all the ceilings in the second floor. This is Jennifer suffering the attic heat, removing old insulation and getting ready to kick through.

This is how we prevented shit from falling down the stairs. Jennifer suggested we lay a piece of plywood there, and it worked well. Kinda warped the railing a bit, but we didn't like it much anyway.

This is a 20-yard dumpster, getting full. We already filled a 10-yard over the brim.

Jennifer started working on the last walls, in Finn's room. She said the faux wainscot and wallpaper were glued to each other and then the wall. Sounds like a Martha Stewart or Lynette Jennings job. So, where was Paul?

In the basement, sweating pipes. I haven't done it in five years. They look sloppy (I use way too much flux and solder), but they don't leak.

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