Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tool Repair, Porch Painting, Herons and Ferries

First is a shot of the clamp that holds the blades in my reciproctating saw. That round spring clip that goes around it costs $0.65. I had to pay $8 to get it shipped to me.

Second is a picture of the steps, primed and painted by Jennifer, then a shot of the deck - more demolition by Jennifer and she started painting the deck on the far end.
Fourth is a great blue heron near the train station, last is the Beacon Ferry waiting for passengers to go to Newburgh.
Not show is the gutter repair work. I conquered my fear of heights briefly to put up a 19' downspout where there was none.
More work on the porch this weekend. How Stoic of us (if you get that joke, I'll buy you a pizza).
Oh, and we'll take our first trip to the dump soon!

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Anonymous said...

where is the million dollar snapper?