Friday, August 17, 2007

One For Tony

My brother loves boats. All three of my brothers can sail, but I think of the three, Tony was the best sailor, and he loves boats the most. This is the sloop Woody Guthrie in Beacon harbor. It's owned by an organization that promotes cleaning up the Hudson River:
They are similar to Clearwater, started by Pete Seeger:
Woody Guthrie (the folk singer who wrote such songs as "This Land Is My Land, This Land Is Your Land") was a mentor to Pete Seeger (who wrote "Turn, Turn, Turn" and "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?" and "Puff The Magic Dragon"). Pete Seeger is still alive, and still performing throughout the Hudson Valley.
Jennifer recently read that the name for the Clearwater came from a Judge Alphonse Trumpbour Clearwater, a NY judge who from Kingston, NY who was pro-environment. The book she is reading is called "The Power Broker", which is about Robert Moses, the man responsible for the bridges, tunnels and other large public works in NYC.

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Tony said...

I fine looking boat. Thank you for the honor.