Thursday, August 23, 2007

But What About The Joists, part II

Pat also suggested we remove one piece of aluminum (not aluminium, damnit!) siding, and one board of sheathing, and slide the joists in from the outside.

This sounds like the easiest and best approach, no? Scares the shit out of me. Then again working on the porch scared me and I managed to do that.

So what we want to do soon, then, is:
  • replace joists in the LR and DR
  • replace some joists in the cellar
  • reframe walls upstairs
  • remove dead phone and electrical lines
  • hook up the washing machine to drain to the sewer and not my front lawn (yes, that's where it is going now)
  • paint the porch deck
  • fix up the stairs.

How much of this can we do in a weekend? How are we going to transport 16' boards to our house? Stay tuned.

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