Friday, July 1, 2011

Side-By-Side Comparison Of Paint Strippers

I liked Peel Away so much that I got more. But while browsing the racks for that, I came across two other items that grabbed my interested: Klean-Strip and CitrisStrip in aerosol. I decided to try both on the same subject.

15-minute Klean-Strip, just after applying . You can see it where the foam is. 

CitrisStrip, immediately after being applied. 

Klean-Strip works fast, as usual, and cuts all the way to the wood. 

The glop that comes off of the subject when you scrape the  Klean-Strip off. 

Close-up of the CitriStrip after a few minutes.

CitriStrip after about 30 minutes, the recommended wait time. 

CitrisStrip does not go as deeply as Klean-Strip. You can leave it on longer, but I was not sure that would work so I applied the product again after scraping. 

CitriStrip after a second application. 

All told, Klean-Strip works fastest. I liked the aerosol application because it was not as messy, and oddly enough did not seem as caustic or volatile and smelly as it's counterpart in the gallon can.

CitriStrip takes a little longer and removes a little less but is not caustic or smelly at all.

Both are easy to apply. For $8/can each, I think it is a toss up. I'd like to give the CitriStrip a second chance by letting it sit longer, but I ran out of it. I ran out of both products, actually. I was able to do one whole side of the door but not the panels. Use it sparingly if you buy in this medium.


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