Saturday, July 11, 2009

Patio Progress

With the area framed in, I spread some leveling sand on the concrete slab. This will make it so the pavers don't rock underneath your feet.
Time to cut pavers. I did it with three carbide masonry blades on my skil saw. the dust was horrible.

I put all the whole pavers in then started cutting them in half to cover the gap. Since it worked out to 7.5 bricks across this one way, the pattern looks preserved.

This is what happens to the blades after awhile.

All the half-block cuts are done. With one blade left I have to cut through some to make up the gap toward the front of the picture. These will be about 2/3 the length. Why didn't I start from the center to make the edge look uniform all around? I would have had to put quarter size blocks on two edges and 1/3 size blocks on two other edges. That's twice the amount of cutting for something most people ain't gonna notice. Besides, since I had half blocks on the one side, the pattern looks almost continuous because of the way a whole block appears to have a line through the middle.

Almost done. I need three more blocks.

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