Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Pictures of Ancestral Homestead.

My mother is infirm from a number of maladies including two artificial knees, arthritis, back surgery, and a recent bout with cancer. she needed a ramp, so after the contractor finished raising the attic roof, they fixed up the back porch.

They fixed up the siding for the raised attic.

It's hard to see here but the flat roof over the back of the house is now gone. The old flat roof never worked well, so this will keep the back of the house a lot dryer now.
And yeah, this really is our 'ancestral homestead' for what it's worth. 40 acres or more in the area belonged to my great grandparents Domachowski. They sold the property in the 40s and the place changed hands a few more times as the neighborhood came up around it, but the house largely remained the same in shape until we got our hands on it again in the 1970s.

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