Sunday, July 5, 2009

Patio Prep

Jennifer and I started digging out soil around the slab where Finn's house has rested for two years now. We bought timbers, patio brick, and sand to create a patio for our pergola.

I rolled Finn's house to the side using some old posts.

Putting the timbers in place. These are 6x6 pressure-treated southern yellow pine. Each corner has two Simpson straps with 3" deck screws and two 10" lag bolts.

1/2" drill bit for the bolts. I was really pleased with the service at Home Depot today. In fact, we have noticed the service at Home Depot and Lowes to have improved manifold.

Jennifer ratcheting in the corners.

All four sides in.

We played with the stone a little to see what it will look like. But it's time for bed now.

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