Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What We're After

We were fortunate that the green paint did not require more than two coats to look solid. The yellow needed three or four coats. The section of the wall picture is finished, there are a few other spots left to go but we should be done soon.

The masking tape we used, which is green, is meant specially for masking and boasts not to peel the paint or let bleeding. It's called "Frog Tape". I think it works better than the 3M blue masking tape and we're sticking with it.

Some lessons learned here: we don't like semigloss paint. We really hate it. But it's good for rooms in which you fear there are going to be messes. Our problem is in the way it works when we spread it, and how it shows all the details and mistakes underneath, whereas flat paints don't. Also, the specific base we used seems to be more plastic - you can actually peel off layers of the stuff like there are thin sheets of the latex everywhere (ok, I know, that's what latex paint is, but this does not seem very durable).

We also learned that we need to TELL EACH OTHER that we don't like it. We both assumed the other wanted to continue using it where we did not.

I really like the mini roller and the paint edger we bought. We also got a fantastic paint brush for touch-up and detail. I should get a picture of that and post it. Jennifer used the Wagner power roller to do the blue on the bottom for most of the room. I used a regular roller to do the red throughout, and some of the blue on the remainder of the room. I don't like the bulk of the Wagner, dealing with the cord, and cleaning it afterward is a pain in the ass. Jennifer loves it, though.

I worry that the paint will continue to peel in large sheets. Does this stuff every cure to the point where it won't peel so easily? Is there something clearn that I can put over it, at least where the "seams" are, that will prevent that from happening?

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Anonymous said...

great job...I really think you both are doing great...the colors are beautiful...