Thursday, December 11, 2008

Moving A Stringer

Last year when we tore out the walls we had to furr them out to make the depth of the walls equivalent to 2x6 walls, for insulation. That meant that we intruded on the stairs a bit. We had the space to put the furring in, but not enough to return the trim piece and put in sheet rock. That means we have to move the stringer on the outside wall of the house in a little, then cut each tread and riser down to allow the sheetrock to go up, and replace the trim (you can see the trim resting against the stairs right now on the right).
Here is the outside wall underneat the top of the stairs. I've just torn the red paneling off to see the artwork that previous denizens left for me.
With the plaster wall removed, you can see the top of the outside stringer here.
I also sprayed the inside of the wall with bleach to kill whatever's there and keep the dust down.

A close-up shot of the cave paintings.

Tomorrow I'm going to unhinge the door to the cellar, take off each tread and riser, move the stringer, furr, insulate and sheetrock the wall, then replace the stringer, cut the treads and risers, and replace them all.

I have to do this before Cara gets home from school and Jennifer returns from L.A.

More later.

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