Friday, December 12, 2008

Stair Report: DONE at 7pm


First sheet of wallboard goes up.

Stairs done.
The view underneath.
Cellar door back on hinges.

I love my pneumatic nailer.

So - why did I do it? It wasn't to make it look prettier. I had to put wall board on that outside wall and this was the only real way to do it. I can't refinish the stairs because many of the treads and risers are split, cracked, bowed, or just have too many damn framing nail holes in them (yeah, some bob goddard put them in place with 16d framing nails and they were a BITCH to pull out).

The stringers are not in great shape, either. At some point we'll have to straighten out that section of the kitchen floor near the stairwell (more about THAT later) and then we'll shore up that wall and put completely new stringers, treads and risers in.

But this was a hell of a lotta fun. I can't wait to hear Lola repeat all the obnoxious shit I said today.

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