Friday, August 1, 2008

Saw Gets a New Shoe

I replaced the shoe on the Skilsaw, finally. The old one is in the foreground. For some reason I can hear Laura chuckling as she reads this.
My brother tells me there is an archetype or a story called My Grandfather's Axe. "This is my grandfather's axe; I replaced the handle twice and the head once, but it is still my grandfather's axe."

I am uncertain of the origin of the story or the meaning (is it about thrift? rememberance?). If anyone does, holler.

I just found out that this is the Paradox of Theseus. Go live it up with ontological paradoxes if you like.

this is the saw my brother gave me. i replaced the shoe once and the blade many times, but this is still the saw my brother gave me.

Why did I change the shoe? The old one, pointed to by the arrow on the left in the photo below, has a hole to hold a thumbscrew, which pressed down on a rip guide that goes through the adjacent channel. The threads in the thumbscrew hole were stripped. The new shoe, pointed to by the arrow on the right, has an additional guide for the rip guide, and the hardware for tilting the saw and adjusting the depth is a little better than the original.

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