Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back Outside

Circumstances beyond my control dictated that we needed to tear down a fence between our yard and Jerry's and erect a grape arbor.

The first picture shows three things. One, the fence is down and laying against my back fence. Two, the second dead tree has been lopped off. Having the fence down made that easier. Three, the first post for the arbor is in place.
Jerry helped dig a few post holes.

Tamping the soil around one post. We did not cement any of them.
Almost all posts are up, but at differing heights.

After dinner, Jennifer and I zinged them all off to apparently uniform height.

Tomorrow I brace the ends, set the wires, and then we plant the vines (they are in the foreground under the rose of sharon... you can also see the remains of the dead tree in the background).

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