Saturday, May 31, 2008

Got Trim?

Jennifer cut and placed the trim around the glass block...

...while I worked on the windows. Up until last weekend, I was furring out the frames to be flush with the wall, then insulating the airpspace around the frame.

This weekend I trimmed the jambs and sills first. The rips had to be nonparallel because the house and sheating are so messed up. Variance in width of up to 1/4" meant that I had to make a special jig for the ripping.

Jennifer cut the trim and installed it behind me (this is similar to an approach in CPU architecture called 'pipelining').
Three windows and some chair rails are done today. Two more windows remain. Once we finish them, we'll put in crown molding, hang the closet door, trim the doors, install the floor, put in baseboard trim, outlet covers, and hang a light fixture or two. Then Cara can move in!

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