Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Fishkill

Many rivers in the area were named (something)-kill, by the Dutch settlers - Beaverkill, Spackenkill, Walkill, etc. The suffix means 'river' or 'stream.' Technically, it is proper to refer to them without the noun 'river' attached: "I went canoeing on the Walkill yesterday." People still do it, though.

The Fishkill was the target of PETA many years ago when, because of their misunderstanding of the name, the rabid animal-rights group asked the locals to rename the town and creek.


I will leave that story to speak for itself.

Here are some pictures of The Fishkill as it falls to sea level in Beacon.

This is an ATV stuck atop a waterfall with some other storm debris.

A bridge that has long been out but some locals want replaced.

Secluded spot.

Mt. Beacon in the distance.

The head of a small island.

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