Friday, April 25, 2008

More Products We Like

It doesn't have to be power tools - we got thrilled over these three, simple products, each of which sells for under $10.
The first is this joint tape. At first we did not like it, but when we noticed it was less prone to getting air bubbles like conventional tape, we now LOVE it.

This is another product for taping that we like. Instead of buying 8' lengths of corner beads, you use this. It works just as well, and it don't get banged up in the car on the way home. It's tape with two parallel pieces of metal running the middle. Enlarge the picture and you'll understand.

This looks like just about what it is: a pastry bag. Fill it with joint compound, and filling concave corners before taping becomes easier.

It's sold in the masonry section, where people buy it for putting mortar between rock or brick.

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