Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back Inside

WARNING: Shameless product endorsements to come.

Jennifer starts painting the LR walls. That's a Wagner power roller. It works very well and you can cover a lot of surface fast.
Using a stud finder to mark where the crown moulding will go. I forgot who made the stud finder but a nice feature of it, aside from it being very accurate and being able to find wires in addition to studs, is that it can mark the wall for you with a little pencil.
The compressor and nailer. We did not need a 60 gallon Campbell-Hausfield. The nailer works very well, we fired it several times to adjust the depth. Nailed a piece of scrap wood to the floor doing it...
Shot of Cara's BR closet and hallway. Almost all of the upstairs sheet rock is in place; two small pieces remain to be placed.

That's the worm-drive Skilsaw, hanging on the door, that Pat gave me five years ago. I love it. Just ordered a new shoe for it.

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