Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reinforcing a Wall And Rewiring

The wall behind the downstairs bathroom was in sad shape. There was greater than a 2' gap between some studs. I made sure that for the entire wall there was a stud no more than 16" on center from the last.

Here is the troubled area (shown in a previous post). Note that to the right, the wall ends without studs in place to accomodate hanging drywall. I get to that later.

I removed all the electrical, removed all the superfluous wood. I can't tell what any of it was there for, and it was all held in place with nasty home-made angle brackets. I reused the brackets.
The light is back in and rewired. This shot is more of the corner where I had to place two 2x4's so I have something to nail the drywall to. The previous plaster wall on the right went past the wall on the left (common in older houses).
Did you make it this far? Do you find this fascinating? Or do you think I have no sex life? Do you wonder what makes me want do drink heavy cream and eat cookie dough? DO YOU?

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