Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barbarians At the Gate

We got up bright and early, went to Lowes, and got four panels of stockade fence and some posts.
We just had to put up a fence in the backyard. The neighbor's kids yell, scream, and throw stuff over the existing 4' chain link fence all the time. I come home and find some of the kids running around my yard or just sitting in my backyard like it's some kind of vacation. Additionally, when the whole family of inbred product of different fathers gets together, it's like Lord Of the Flies over there. We wanted some privacy, at long last.

First I had to get rid of an old stump in the corner (see pictures from last year in April or so where I take the tree down).

Using a reciprocating saw and a circular saw, I reduced the stump to grade. Brutal and primitive, but I just did not see the need to buy or rent a chainsaw.

Now we are tearing out the old fence.

Jennifer is using the reciprocating saw where an Asian Mulberry grew through the chain link.
One panel,
three then four:

Sanity achieved.


CC said...

God damn! You know I love a good fence!

Jennifer said...

Fences are the perfect thing to come between neighbors!