Monday, July 28, 2008

Housing Market & Previous Owners

As I was cleaning up the front sidewalk this afternoon, a middle-aged man and his elderly mother stopped by and asked if I owned the house. They then explained that they owned it before me, and sold it in 2001.

They said we were doing a great job remodeling it. That was nice of them to say, considering the front of the house looks like a hurricane ripped it up.

They said they sold it for $110 in 2001. Shortly after that, the person who bought it from them sold it for greater than that. We purchased it for more than twice that, even if at a foreclosure price.

I told them to stop by some other time and I would show them the inside.

Last fall another man stopped by asking what I paid for the house. He spoke very rapidly and told me a lot about himself before I could answer, and added that he could get the information without me because it was publicly available anyway. I wanted to say, "Then why don't you do that?" but I politely said that I paid what the asking price was. He was looking at a house down the street. I am glad he did not buy it.

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