Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finishing the Floor/What Remains?

Jennifer moves it into Cara's hallway.

Finished! We rented the nailer for $38 from United Rentals because we hate the Home Depot that has a tool rental. They are always rude, and not very helpful. It is a common complaint locally and I would be surprised if they are not one of the stores targeted for closing.

I put in the closet door jambs. We put up some molding to see what it will look like, finished. We're going to put a mirrored, folding door on it.

After this, we need to:
  • finish installing all trim
  • sink finish nails
  • touch up trim & walls
  • re-run cable
  • finish the closet
  • put up outlet covers
  • get the electrician to install lights
  • move the girl in.

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