Tuesday, June 3, 2008

See My Thumb? Gee, I'm Dumb!

This is the least a table saw blade can do to you.

I did worse, last fall, when I rushed through a cut and zinged off half the fingernail on my left index finger - though that was gruesome enough, the sheer torque of the blade at whatever thousand RPM was what caused the most pain. Still, worse can be done, and warnings to me to be more careful about these things are well taken. I risk becoming what a friend, John T., refers to as a P.O.D - "Potential Organ Donor*".

I ought to be using the blade guard and kickback guard, specially when I rip down long pieces, and also push sticks - safety glasses, too, because I am tired of getting sawdust in my eyes.

By the way, it is really difficult to photograph your own thumb.

*John introduced me to this term when he warned me to wear a helmet when I ride my bicycle. I still don't do it but I make damn sure Finn does, and he is now in the habit of it. Hey, at least i quit smoking (Nov 14 2007 9am at the Poughkeepsie train station).

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