Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday From Hell

Apparently it was National Fuck With Paul day and I did not know it. I had to take Tuesday off and fix a few things.

First, I hit the gas shut-off valve with the mower, which bent the shaft. Time for a new engine if I could only figure out what would be the best replacement. Luckily, the a guy named Craig at Small Engine Suppliers was very helpful. He identified two possible replacements based on the model number I gave him. Both were lower prices than I could find anywhere else. The folks at Northern were nice but gave me a bad recommendation.

Before going to bed Monday night, I noticed the downstairs toilet started leaking. The wax seal was poorly done to begin with, and the whole connection between the toilet and the closet flange was hokey.

Then I noticed that the faucet on the sink was in bad condition all of a sudden. It wouldn't shut off. Time for a new one. 

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