Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back To the Bedroom

I've been working my day job a lot lately, racing to finish a project with my colleagues. Weekends have been spent doing things like Mothers' Day, planting, killing zombies. When at last I had the house to myself and a day and half of vacation, I got back to work.

Here I am about to put sheet rock into place on the closet.

I have the piece in place, now let's cut it.
Notice the dark spots on the wall where the head of our bed used to be. With the room unfinished for over three and a half years, our hair left grease stains against the wall. I decided that instead of fighting that stain with KILLZ or some other primer, I would just lay another sheet of rock over it. It also helps deaden the sound a little. My son's room is behind that wall, and it would be nice to hear a little less from his room.
Finishing more of the closet.
And yet more of the closet - the right-hand jamb of the door is in place.
Now it is time to hide the chimney, pretty as it looks.
I glued and nailed two 2x4s against the protruding corner. This is where I stopped for the night.
Up bright and early the next day, I got some insulation and other stuff at Home Depot. Why do I insulate my interior walls? To deaden sound. Doubling sheetrock does that, too.
To make that wall as smooth as I could, I laid a whole piece of sheetrock over the old and new space.
I took a few minutes to patch up the screws.
Now I have a piece glued in over the other face of the chimney - at last it is gone from view.
Here is where I stopped Friday afternoon.
And this is as far as I got by Sunday afternoon. A lot more mud and tape are in place, as well as some primer on the wall behind the head of our bed.
I thought we would have to move back in as the weekend is over, but Jenn and I are sleeping downstairs on the couch for a while. I will try to get more done during the next week, at night. The drywall compound is taking forever to dry in this unusually wet spring here in the northeast.

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