Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gardening, part I

Last year, this is what it looked like toward the end of June. You can still see where the previous owner had a pool. The sand pit that remained was a haven for hornets that nested in the ground, cats for pooping, and weeds.

You want to break up zoysia grass and flatten that? Get help from your neighbors. That's Susan, with her husband Gray kneeling and her father Flip standing. Flip lent me his tiller. He and Gray chopped up the thatch from the remaining grass as I tilled the soil and threw the compost pile all over it.

I owe these people a steak dinner each, at least. They are the best.

Just about done....

Done, for today. We found 13 cement blocks, one cinder block, several bricks, one snake, and a huge (5") slug.

Notice the compost pile is gone. Next up: cover the area with a tarp or something to help the stuff degrade more and keep new stuff from sprouting.

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Anonymous said...

Seems to me that you have the Tom Sawyer act down pat.....nice work. I hate what previous owners leave behind. It took us 13 years to get rid of 1000's of bricks that were left to us in our last house....smuggled out 2 at a time in the trash.