Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I don't call it Vaclav's Hovel for nothing.

Starting last week, I could hear something scratching as I sat in my bedroom reading. I called Cara in to check my sanity. It wasn't Fifi - sometimes she scratches a bare 2x4 in the room. It went away when I banged on the wall so I forgot about it.

But this morning it started again, louder, and longer.

I opened up one section of the wall

to see if I could peak into an eave and find out what it was. Nothing. I even jammed a camera on a stick in there and got a bad shot of the rafter vents.


I walked outside to see if I could find a hole somewhere, and from the ground there was nothing. Then I figured something might be chewing it's way in through an eave that I can't see without a ladder. So I stuck a camera on a broomstick:

and found this hole:

(the video is washed out, it's hard to understand what is going on, but at about :10 into it I center on a hole chewed into a small section of roof.)

The hole is on this low, small piece of roof under the eave:


Anonymous said...

I hate Critters--Sue

Jayne said...

A squirrel? They're really cute until they invade your house.