Sunday, March 30, 2008

Let's See Who's Paying Attention

After a three-month hiatus, we are back at work.

Jennifer surveys the ceiling for mistakes. She hates taping and mudding and priming, but she is damn good at it.
If you move walls, you might leave a heating vent in the center of a room. That thing covered with tinfoil in the lower right-hand corner is such a thing. Cara has no heat as a result; it used to come up in the wall between the two rooms, and supply both. So we cut a channel in the bay where existing duct passes.
Now Finn's vent is far on the right, and the tee leads heat to under Cara's closet.... Cara has heat. Now I gotta plug that friggin hole in Finn's room.

This is Fifi on top of a guitar, on top of my clothes rack.

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