Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Insulating And Neighborhood Shots

Insulation is going in. We are almost done with the upstairs at this writing. After an inspection, we'll be allowed to put sheetrock up. It's very frustrating to live and work around the supplies and tools. I should have cleared more crap out. Pat had a word or an expression for this when we worked on 35 Longyear, but I forgot what it was - something like being caught in the weeds. You start working, you leave debris like bags and remnants around you, you trip over them and tools, you get sawdust and fiberglass all over the furniture and your clothing, you have to clean your bed every night...ugh.

We have adapted well, though. I am amazed at both Cara and Jennifer and their patience and tolerance. Finn has been a real trooper, too. He even hauled two huge bags of insulation up the stairs. Then he played alone for a good part of the weekend and did not complain about it.

An Amtrak thunders by Beacon.

Beacon Harbor. Notice that the thick vegetation is gone (see earlier shots). The vegetation was water chestnuts or water caltrops (trapa natans), an invasive species. Just like real caltrops, the outer shell of the fruit is very sharp and painful to step on.

Moonrise over Mt. Beacon. I was on the roof, for the first time ever, to patch a hole.

Mt. Beacon half an hour before moonrise. Jennifer got Finn a book about Boston. The book shows a picture of Beacon Hill, and Finn has that confused with our town and mountain.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to know the forgotten word or expression from Pat.